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Legging | Narwhal

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Narwhals, the unicorns of the ocean, let these magical creatures embody your playful side and your inner circus.

We've wonderfully designed two styles of waistbands for your perfect fit. No more fussing and awkward camel toe from pulling your leggings up to achieve a high waist band "look".*  

Which waistband is right for you?
The higher waistband covers your belly button and the regular 
waistband sits underneath your belly button. We are all beautifully anatomically diverse therefore the waistbands will sit differently on each body.

Which size is right for you?
The material has minimal shrinkage after wash, it will slightly stretch after wear so be mindful to buy on the smaller side.

  • See-through Proof
  • Handmade Item
  • Material: 62% Polyester│38% Elastane

Make sure to tag your photo of the Narwhal leggings to help others see the amazing fit. #LadybaseLoveNarwhal

*Made with Love

Fabric Selection

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Our fabrics are carefully selected and tested to ensure the highest quality and performance with the lowest carbon footprint. We have selected high performance fabric from a European Mill. They offer a range of fully recyclable stretch fabrics of the highest functional performance, milled without second or third party outsourcing or manufacturing. In addition, they are one of the first manufacturers in the world to offer the market a range of fully recyclable stretch fabrics.

Fair Trade

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Our tops are produced in Bali, Indonesia using fair trade practices. We work directly with a textile shop owner to ensure fair pricing and quality control. Providing sustainable development for the owner and the community.

Eco Printing

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Did you know our leggings are produced with an eco-friendly digital printing technology company, manufactured in Vancouver, B.C. Their digital printing technology uses water-based dye-sublimation to reduce the impact
of textile dyeing.
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